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INDIA 2015

The First-Ever Go Conference in India

Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore) | 19 - 21 February 2015

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(GopherCon India is grateful for the support of Google's Andrew Gerrand. Also thanks to Matt Aimonetti and the GopherCon organizers, Erik St. Martin and Brian Ketelsen. Live blogging from 19-21 Feb. 2015 will be done by Sourcegraph.)
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What is GopherCon India ?

The First-Ever Go Conference in India

Go is an open source project developed by a team at Google and many contributors from the open source community.

Go makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

This conference is brought to you by the Go Language Community in India together with the Innovation And Technology Trust (ITT). The ITT is a non-profit organization, established to organize and conduct technology conferences in India. It's current portfolio includes RubyConf India, GopherCon India and DevOpsDays India.

We love going to conferences that don't make you choose between two great presentations. So we created GopherConIndia as a single-track event that you don't want to miss and where everyone gets the opportunity to see the same talks. We think you'll enjoy the speakers we're lining up so much, you won't want to miss anyone of them. Friday and Saturday will offer full days of conference sessions.

Note: The conference is entirely in English.


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Aaron Cruz


Aaron lives in the suburbs of Vienna, Austria but is a native of the suburbs of Seattle. In his former life he was a shepherd, a cheesemaker and a sous chef. Now he is freelancing, building native iOS and Android apps and their respective API's. In his spare time, he organizes a range of user groups in Vienna. If you get him started talking about food, he may never stop.

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Alan Shreve


Alan is a distributed systems engineer working on the platform that powers Keen IO's analytics APIs. He is the creator of ngrok, and the author of a number of popular tools and libraries for Go including, go-update, muxado and log15. He has been happily shipping production software in Go for nearly 2 years.

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Amit Upadhyay


Amit Upadhyay, "amitu", is the VP-Engineering of BrowserStack. Previously Amit has worked with startups in India, US and Chile. An open source enthusiast and evangelist, he is the creator of importd, and a few other open source projects.

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Baiju Muthukadan


Baiju Muthukadan is a Technical Architect at ZeOmega, Bangalore. He was a contributor to Zope project from 2006 to 2010. He founded the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing project in 2001 while studying at REC, Calicut. He was also employed by FSF India in 2002-2003. Baiju has conducted many Python related talks and workshops in various parts of India including FOSS.IN. During PyCON India 2013, he received the first Kenneth Gonsalves Award.

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Baishampayan Ghose


Baishampayan "BG" Ghose is CTO/Co-founder at Helpshift, Inc. BG is a career functional programmer with exposure to a wide variety of programming languages and paradigms. His areas of interests are Semantics of Programming Languages, Distributed Systems, Software Design and the intersection of Software, Culture and Society.

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Beyang Liu


Beyang is co-creator of Sourcegraph, an intelligent code search engine built with Go. Before Sourcegraph, he worked on data analysis and visualization software at Palantir and conducted research in computer vision and machine learning at Stanford University. He also plays the fiddle and lives in San Francisco.

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Bryan Liles


Bryan Liles is an Engineer at Digital Ocean. Previously, Bryan has worn black and white hats, worked on red teams, simulated the world in multiple programming languages, and used expletives while writing software. He currently is building clouds with Go.

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Dave Cheney


Dave is an Australian speaker, blogger, and open source author. He co-organises the Sydney Go Users group and has been an active contributor to the Go project since February 2011.

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David Calavera


David is a developer with more than 10 years of experience building large systems. At Code Climate, he works on building the infrastructure that makes Code Climate's analysis tools fast and reliable. In previous lives he built cloud platforms for Engine Yard and Enterprise applications for GitHub.

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Dr. Sendil Devar


He is currently a Senior Research Engineer at CEWIT (, India. Prior to this, he was with Samsung Research Institute, Noida as Chief Engineer in Advance Technology Group. His current work involves research in wireless communication in 3G, 4G networks. He attends the cellular standardization meetings (3GPP and 3GPP2). He loves writing his code and generating results to submit to such meetings. He has a PhD in wireless communication from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

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Francesc Campoy Flores


Francesc Campoy Flores joined the Go team in 2012 as Developer Advocate after several years as a Python and C++ developer. His mission is to make Go useful and fun.

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Gabriel Aszalos


Gabriel has been passionate about programming for over 15 years and has journeyed through several languages, but felt most strongly about C, JavaScript and now Go! Among other companies, he currently works with Thomson Reuters as a JavaScript engineer, but also being a notably active contributor to both open-source and private projects.

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Guillaume J. Charmes


French first, Software Developer second. He loves to travel and used to live in France, China, Russia, Réunion, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. He also likes to travel between technologies and languages: He jumped from C and ASM to PHP to fall into Python to then migrate to Go with some sides of Ruby. He is coming from a low-level ASM/C background which he uses to teach as well as for web security.

He started using Go since 2009 and fell in love with the syntax and concurrency model. He joined dotCloud, inc where he was the only Go developer for a while. This is when they started Docker..., in Go. Arrived to Docker 1.0, he moved on to Citrix, Inc under the sun of Florida where he helps the moving process from Ruby to Go.

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Jason Moiron


Jason is an engineer at Datadog, a saas monitoring service for IT and operations teams based in New York City. There, he uses Go to write data pipeline services that process thousands of companies monitoring and statistics data. He writes frequently about Go at his blog, and contributes to a number of open source projects including sqlx, modl, and jsonq.

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Julia Allyce Poladsky


Julia Poladsky is the Lead Frontend Developer for CommericialTribe in Denver, CO. Her expertise is in designing and developing client side web applications. She has worked with a number of different web based technologies such as PHP, Node.js and now Go. She is self taught and has been hacking web design and development since the age of twelve.

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Jyotiska NK


Jyotiska is a Data Engineer at DataWeave based in Bangalore, India. As part of the Products team at DataWeave, his primary responsibility is to build scalable data products and platforms. He is a Python developer for last 3 years and playing with Go for about a year. He is passionate about distributed systems, databases and building data products.

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Keiji Yoshida


Keiji Yoshida is a software engineer at an IT service provider in Japan. He has experience in developing financial systems for Japanese banks for many years. He uses Go for his private work. He tries to arrange an environment for building a web application efficiently in Go and he develops and maintains some kinds of Go libraries such as GCSS which is a pure Go CSS preprocessor and Ace which is an HTML template engine for Go.

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Kunal Powar


Kunal is currently a developer at SoStronk. He has worked at ThoughtWorks India as a application developer for 2 years. He has been an active gopher for about an year now starting off the journey by co-authoring an embedded framework (EMBD).

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Lakshan Perera


He is from Colombo, Sri Lanka and learnt to program by building stuff to scratch his itch. In 2013, he moved to Singapore to join Nitrous.IO - where they focus on creating better / less painful development environments. He also runs the Singapore's Go meetup. He spends his free time working on various ideas (like writing specs for Singaporean Coffee and spreading the good word about 'world of programming'.

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Martin Schoch


Marty Schoch is a software engineer at Couchbase. As a part of the Couchbase Labs team, Marty has built many experimental projects in Go, contributing to its increased adoption inside Couchbase. The most successful of these projects was N1QL, an SQL-like query language for Couchbase Server. He is also a core contributor to the Go Couchbase SDK. Currently, Marty is leading development of bleve, a modern text indexing library for Go.

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Matthew Campbell


Matthew has been a hacker since he was teething. He specializes in GO, Ruby and Scala. His most notable projects were porting to ruby of rails from scratch. Building real time ad platforms in scala at Tapad. Most recently building the largest financial instant messaging server on the planet from scratch in GO with a small team for Thomson Reuters. In his free time he likes to hack arduinos and scuba dive. He recently spoke and runs the Go Meetup in Bangkok. Matthew splits his time between New York and Bangkok leading teams in both locations.

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Mike Gehard


Mike Gehard is a software engineer at Pivotal Lab. He was a part of the team that wrote the logging platform for Cloud Foundry and helped move the Cloud Foundry CLI tool from Ruby to Go. His latest adventure was as an instructor at gSchool, a 24 week developer training program that teaches complete programming beginners how to effectively translate requirements into code. When he's not sitting at the computer, he's out exploring the great outdoors around Boulder, CO.

niket patel

Niket Patel


Currently he works with a California based education startup. They develop products for schools and he's responsible for product development and key decision of technology stack and has been responsible for setting up local office and development team in India from scratch. Still big part of his day is about programming, and programming is his passion, so he's living his dream! He has been developing web based applications since last 9 years and proud of every singe line of code and when he's not he will refactor it sooner or later.

Technology stack wise they have been using mainly Ruby but since last couple of years they have starting using Go heavily in day to day work and extremely pleased with that choice.

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Piyush Verma


Piyush Verma is CTO at Siminars, Inc. He is an ex-KDE developer and codes for Coffee & House music. He likes Multiprocessing, Distributed systems, APIs & automating anything that has to be done more than once. You can also find him running or cycling around the town.

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Rajesh Ramachandran

Rajesh heads the dynamic group of software professionals of the Real Image Software Division, Chennai. Rajesh comes to Real Image from InstallShield, Chicago where he was architecting software installation technologies and tools. He also led the development teams of two of InstallShield's leading products. Prior to that, Rajesh worked at Sapura, Kuala Lumpur where he was involved in creating a rapid application development tool for the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Rajesh is also a member of the faculty at DevelopMentor, a component software think tank based in Los Angeles where he trained software professionals on component software topics. Currently Rajesh and his team are developing innovative products for the mass entertainment industries.

Shiju Varghese

Shiju Varghese


Shiju Varghese is a Technical Architect at Accel Frontline. He specializes in Cloud Computing and Enterprise Mobility solutions. He has developed web apps and distributed systems in Go, C# and Node.js. He has been working with web technologies since early 2000. His areas of interest include Cloud Solutions Architecture, Distributed Systems, RESTful Microservices and Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS). You can follow him on twitter at and Github at

Sriram Melkote

Sriram Melkote

Sriram Melkote is the director of Couchbase India development center. He is responsible for some of Couchbase’s key future technologies which utilize Go to provide fast development cycles and performant server code. Sriram has built applications for many years and in many languages, and is excited by Go as it is the first language in a decade that has built momentum to enter mission critical codebases.

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Sunil Sayyaparaju

Sunil Sayyaparaju, Director of Product and Technology at Aerospike, has over 10 years experience working on different types of SQL RDBMS solutions, such as single machine (monolithic), in-memory, distributed shared-disk, and distributed shared-nothing architectures with emphasis in transaction management, storage, access, performance tuning, and recovery areas. Sunil currently leads Aerospike's Bangalore office, working on their distributed shared-nothing NoSQL solution. Aerospike is a high-performance, self-balancing, immediately consistent, distributed NoSQL database. Aerospike also has an add on product for replication across data-centers over WAN which supports different complex topologies.

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Verónica López


Verónica is a mobile developer and computer science researcher at UNAM (Mexico's National Autonomous University)focusing on data structures. She was the lead mobile developer of Mexico's tax collection service (SAT), and led the back-end team of an advertising digital agency, using Python, Android and recently Go as her weapons of choice. Besides, she is an Android instructor, and currently co-organizes a small community called @golangmx.

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William Kennedy


William Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Studios in Miami, FL, a mobile and web app development company. He is also a co-author of the book Go In Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net and the organizer for the Go and MongoDB meetups in Miami. Bill is focused on Go education and through his new venture GoingoGo Training, Bill continues the cause by working with individuals and groups who want to take their Go knowledge and coding skills to the next level.



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