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INDIA 2016

The Go Conference in India

Vivanta by Taj, MG Road, Bengaluru | 19 - 20 February 2016

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What is GopherCon India ?

The Go Conference in India

Go is an open source project developed by a team at Google and many contributors from the open source community.

Go makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

This conference is brought to you by the Go Language Community in India together with the Emerging Technology Trust (ETT). ETT is a non-profit organization, established to organize and conduct technology conferences in India. It's current portfolio includes DeccanRuby Conf, DevOpsDays India, GopherCon India and RubyConf India.

We love going to conferences that don't make you choose between two great presentations. So we created GopherConIndia as a single-track event that you don't want to miss and where everyone gets the opportunity to see the same talks. We think you'll enjoy the speakers we're lining up so much, you won't want to miss anyone of them. Friday and Saturday will offer full days of conference sessions.

Note: The conference is entirely in English.


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Aaron Cruz


Aaron lives in the suburbs of Vienna, Austria but is a native of the suburbs of Seattle. In his former life he was a shepherd, a cheesemaker and a sous chef. Now he is freelancing, building native iOS and Android apps and their respective API's. In his spare time, he organizes a range of user groups in Vienna. If you get him started talking about food, he may never stop. He spoke at GopherConIndia 2015. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Aditya Mukerjee


Aditya is an engineer at Stripe and has been a full-time Go developer since 2012. He is the main developer for gitgo, a pure Go implementation of Git; Anaconda, the Twitter client library for Go; and gojson, a tool for generating Go struct definitions from JSON. He has also contributed to a number of Go projects, big and small, ranging from Goat, a bittorrent tracker, to the Go project itself.

Aditya studied statistics at Columbia and computer science at Cornell, and spends his free time playing German-style board games and listening to embarrassing music.

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Anand Babu Periasamy


Anand Babu (AB) Periasamy is a long time contributor to free software, most notably GlusterFS, GNU FreeIPMI and GNU Freetalk. His recent project is an Amazon S3 compatible object storage written in Go language. AB also serves on the board of Free Software Foundation India and an investor / advisor to Nexus Venture Partners and few startups. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Audrey Lim


A former lawyer and a self-taught programmer from the beautiful city of Singapore, Audrey became interested in the world of programming and computer science. She picked up front-end programming in April 2014 before learning Go as her first backend language in July 2014. She's since moved to programming full-time as her career at Nitrous.IO. Her GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Brad Fitzpatrick


Brad Fitzpatrick is a member of the Go team at Google and has been in love with Go for six years since switching to it as his main language in early 2005. In past lives, Brad created or worked on LiveJournal, memcached, MogileFS, Perlbal, Gearman, OpenID, PubSubHubbub, android.os.StrictMode, and tolerated C, Perl, Java, Python, C++ and JavaScript. Brad has little patience for languages without goroutines these days. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Cory LaNou


Cory LaNou is a full stack web developer and entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience. After 11 years of being a successful serial entrepreneur, he has joined the InfluxDB team, working on building an open source time series database, written in Go. He is active in the Go community, leading the Denver Gophers meetup, as well as mentoring students in his free time. Prior to joining InfluxDB, Cory was with gSchool, Galvanize, SupportLocal, LocalLaunch, Pulsity and Computer Discount Warehouse. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Dushyant Bhalgami


Dushyant is QA Automation expert with 8+ years of experience and currently working with Synerzip. Java, GoLang, NodeJS, AWS are few of the names from his full list of technical skills. He has successfully helped organizations like QuickOffice (acquired by Google), CloudOn (acquired by DropBox), Prezi to make bug-free and optimized products which are catering millions of users. He is an active member of "The Document Foundation" and has presented a talk in LibreOffice Conference at Bern, Switzerland in 2014. He spends his free time in learning new technologies, playing Counter-Strike and watching movies. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Gabriel Aszalos


Gabriel has been programming since the early 90s, starting out with Pascal and C which are still 2 of his favorite languages to day. Soon thereafter, he started exploring the web development world with various languages and eventually became specialized in JavaScript. When Go was released, it revived his passion for programming and he was instantly hooked. Go was the perfect combination of his favorite programming languages from the past. During his career, Gabriel worked on a contractual basis for various companies in Romania, Denmark, United Kingdom and the USA. He spoke at GopherConIndia 2015. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Hana Kim


Hana Kim is a software engineer on the Go team at Google and working on the Go mobile project. Before joining the project, she worked on various internal Google projects for distributed tracing, large-scale cluster monitoring and alerting technologies, and google-wide Go process performance monitoring and debugging.

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Karan Misra


Karan Misra is the CTO (and co-founder) of the Bangalore based eSports startup SoStronk. He has been in love with programming since he got his hands on his (read: his father’s) first computer and has never looked back ever since. He rediscovered programming when he came across the awesome Go Tutorial and feel in love with the language. Since then, he has been busy building his startup. He created the popular Go IoT framework, helped co-organise the first iteration of GopherConIndia and runs the Golang Bangalore meetup group. In his spare time, he enjoys talking about Go and a game of squash/Diablo 3/CSGO!

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Karthic Rao


A passionate learner, keyboardist, open source contributor and a volunteer for Free Software Movement Karnataka. He is part of the early engineering team at Adori Labs, where he works on the backend as they reimagine audio experiences. He loves to learn and share, and his interests include Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Cryptography, Distributed Systems, Interaction Design and No-SQL databases. He believes that usability is as critical as engineering and this made him fall in love with the Caddy project, a Golang based Http/2 webserver, and ever since then he has been an active contributor. If not at work he might be found playing music, running, blogging, talking on technology, and on Coursera on Sundays. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Kedarnag M S


Kedarnag M S is working with Qwinix Technologies, Mysore. By passion, he is a traveller, shutterbug enthusiast, table tennis and a gamer geek. By profession, an observant and spirited tech-buff, who is an ardent believer of the power of - Golang and Ruby on Rails.

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Marcel van Lohuizen

Marcel van Lohuizen is a longtime Googler who works on the Go team, where he now focuses on expanding Go's text processing capabilities. With a background in natural language processing, he started at Google on the search team. Here, among other things, he worked on a deployment system, which segued into his involvement in the development of Borg, Google's large-scale cluster manager. After his move to Zürich he helped grow the local office and went on a multi-year management stint. He ultimately reunited with some old colleagues on the Go team.

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Mark Bates


MarK Bates is the founder and chief architect of the Boston, MA based consulting company, Meta42 Labs. Mark spends his days focusing on new application development and consulting for his clients. At night he writes books, raises kids, and occasionally he forms a band and "tries to make it". Mark is the author of three books, "Distributed Programming with Ruby" (2009), "Programming in CoffeeScript" (2012), and "Conquering the Command Line" (2014). Mark also ran the weekly Golang screencast site, which was acquired by O'Reilly in 2015. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Matthew Campbell


Matthew Campbell is a Microservices scalability expert at DigitalOcean where he builds the future of cloud services. He wrote a book called "Microservices in Go" for O'Reilly. He recently presented at GothamGO, Velocity NYC, and GopherCon India, and blogs at Matthew was a founder of Errplane and Langfight. In the past he worked at Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Gucci, and Cartoon network. He spoke at GopherConIndia 2015.

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Piyush Verma


Piyush Verma is a Platform and Infrastructure Engineer with He is an ex-KDE developer and codes for Coffee and House music. He likes Multiprocessing, Distributed systems, APIs and automating everything. Previously, he created and when not coding he can be found running or cycling around the town. He spoke at GopherConIndia 2015. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Sathish V J


Sathish VJ is currently a software architect at a startup. His projects are typically full stack projects, and has been using Go as the primary backend language since he recognized it's significant advantages to development even while in its beta stages. He has been independently evangelizing Go at various forums including conducting workshops and training sessions as part of many technology forums.

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Sau Sheong Chang


Sau Sheong Chang is the Director of Global Consumer Engineering for PayPal, managing teams that deliver consumer-focused products for PayPal. Previously, he was the Director of HP Labs Singapore, responsible for managing a team of research scientists and engineers focusing on researching and developing cloud computing and Big Data technologies for HP. Before joining HP, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Garena and Director of Engineering for Yahoo! Southeast Asia. Sau Sheong has been doing software development for 20 years, mostly in web application development. He is active in the Ruby and Go developer communities have have contributed to open source projects and spoke at meetups and conferences. Sau Sheong has also published 3 programming-related books, mostly on Ruby and is working on a 4th book titled "Go Web Programming". His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

Shiju Varghese

Shiju Varghese


Shiju Varghese is a Solutions Architect focused on building highly scalable Cloud native applications with a special interest in APIs, Microservices, Containerized Apps and Distributed Systems. He currently specializes in Go, Google Cloud and Docker. Shiju is passionate on building scalable backend systems and Microservices in Go. He has developed web apps and distributed systems in Go, C# and Node.js. Shiju is a pragmatic minimalist, who focuses on real-world practices for architecting solutions. He currently works as a Consulting Architect on Go and Google Cloud. He is also currently working on a book on Go titled "Web Development with Go". He spoke at GopherConIndia 2015. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

Siva Chandran

Siva Chandran


Siva is a software architect at Real Image Media Technologies. Starting off with embedded application development in C/C++ more than decade ago, he has contributed to open source projects such as GStreamer and log4cplus. Having gained extensive experience in digital cinema, back end development with Go is what has captured his imagination now. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Smita Vijayakumar

Smita Vijayakumar graduated with a Masters in Computer Sciences under the guidance of Prof. Gagan Agrawal at The Ohio State University. Their work on resource management on cloud environments is published as a book. Smita worked in the San Francisco bay area for networking giants before relocating to Bangalore. Presently at Exotel as an engineer, she developed interest in Go and is excited about exploring and applying this for efficient solutions to problems on hand at Exotel.

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Sunil Sayyaparaju


Sunil Sayyaparaju, Director of Product and Technology at Aerospike, has over 10 years experience working on different types of SQL RDBMS solutions, such as single machine (monolithic), in-memory, distributed shared-disk, and distributed shared-nothing architectures with emphasis in transaction management, storage, access, performance tuning, and recovery areas. Sunil currently leads Aerospike's Bangalore office, working on their distributed shared-nothing NoSQL solution. Aerospike is a high-performance, self-balancing, immediately consistent, distributed NoSQL database. Aerospike also has an add on product for replication across data-centers over WAN which supports different complex topologies. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Uttam Gandhi


Uttam is working as Tech Lead with Synerzip and has extensive experience in application development using C, C++, and Shell Scripting. He is interested in machine learning, microservices, web applications using golang, REST, mongodb, sqlite and mysql. Uttam is always eager to learn a new technology and loves to travel. His GopherConIndia 2016 talk slides.

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Verónica López


Verónica is a mobile and back-end developer currently working at Ardan Labs. Previously, she was a data structures researcher, the lead mobile developer of Mexico's tax collection service (SAT), and led the back-end team of an advertising digital agency, where she began using Go. She is also an Android instructor, a very active community member, and runs the Mexico City Go Meetup, which is the largest Go community in Latin America. She spoke at GopherConIndia 2015.



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