Ultimate Go Workshop

If you are new to Go or have only been coding for less than a year, then this class is for you. A two day Ultimate Go workshop for intermediate and advanced developers. You don't need Go experience, just development experience - learning the specification, implementation and idioms to help make you a better Go developer. Learn guidelines and best practices from years of experience coding and solving problems in Go. If you love the Go In Action book, this class makes it come to life. This class will help you read and understand more code for the conference.

We would love to have you attend this paid workshop. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Note: The proceeds of the Go workshop will go towards part-funding the conference.


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A total of only 20 participants for the Go workshop.


Wednesday 16th January 2019 and Thursday 17th January 2019 from 8.30 am to 6 pm


Park Regis
Saqwadi, Arpora,
Goa, India


Cory LaNou who works at @influxDB in an interview with GopherConIndia, says that the best way to get a real jump on the Go language is to either attend a Go workshop, meetup, or find somebody that is willing to pair with you who is already experienced with Go.

William Kennedy had held the same Go workshop at the first-ever GopherConIndia 2015. One of the participants Ms Sinny Kumari had this to say about the workshop:


I have attended few workshops, the Go workshop by William Kennedy was one of them which was organized a day before GopherConIndia 2015. I never expected that as a newbie to Go, I will understand a completely new programming language in one day. He explained different core concepts of Go very well, starting from writing Hello World to using Concurrency. Every concept was explained with examples and gave us time to do hands-on in order to get comfortable with Go coding. Teaching material used by him were very well prepared consisting of basic to advanced examples for each topic. While attending the next two days' awesome talks at GopherconIndia, I never felt clueless during a talk. This workshop gave me lot of confidence and a right path to explore further the wonderful Go language. I highly recommend people to attend his workshop.

What will you learn?

William Kennedy says "this workshop is about teaching enough Go so people can read as much code as possible. I throw in a lot of the why and reasoning behind the language."

Day 1:

and More...

Day 2:

How to build a production ready web service in Go.

A 1 day class for any Go developer who wishes to learn how to build production ready and well tested web services in Go. This class provides an intensive, comprehensive and idiomatic view of building web services using community accepted idioms and practices. The class goes beyond just the use of the http package and focuses on building CRUD based services with logging, observability and debugging.

What a student is expected to learn:

Minimal Qualified Student:

What do you need?

Mac, Windows, or Linux-based Laptop

Go runs great in all these environments, so any laptop you're comfortable using will do. Get your laptop to the workshop. Before you come to the workshop - do this.

Up-to-date Web Browser

We designed the online experience to take advantage of some of the latest web standards, so you'll need the latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or IE.

Akash Mishra
Akash Mishra
Aniket Rao
Aniket Rao
Masakazu OHNO
Masakazu OHNO
Rahul Bajaj
Rahul Bajaj
Syam Krishnan
Syam Krishnan
Tanmay Chaudhry
Tanmay Chaudhry