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Ajey Gore

Ajey is the Group CTO of Go-Jek. With 17 years of experience in building core technology strategy across diverse domains, Ajey has helped several businesses through technology transformations at ThoughtWorks and CodeIgnition. Ajey is the founder of CodeIgnition and an active influencer in the technology community.

Talk - Closing Keynote

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Arafat Khan

Arafat Khan is a software developer fascinated by the mysteries of programming and logic.

He loves experimenting and playing code and is particularly interested in Algorithms, Distributed Systems, and Machine Learning. He is the lead developer of Tensorflow Ruby and Dataviz for Golang.

When he isn't coding in front of his laptop he is hiking, kayaking, skating and doing all things outdoors.

Talk - Visualizations in Golang

This talk is a demonstration of how Golang can also be used to solve problems of all things ranging from Machine Learning and Algorithms to general Scientific computing. His goal is to inspire Gophers to practice using new data analysis and visualization techniques in Golang.

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Aravind KP

Aravind KP is a Software Engineer at Hashnode. He got into Go because he wanted to learn more about containers and it soon became his primary tool and companion. He loves OSS and you can find his code in many projects. At the moment, he is exploring the blockchain world and taking seasonal detours to OSS and some Kubernetes clusters. When AFK, you can find him on a basketball court or napping in his bed.

Talk - Forget Cloud Computing, Blockchain Is The Future

The talk will introduce Tendermint and cosmos SDK.Which elegantly hides the complexities of building an App on blockchain and allows developers to get started fast and focus on building great DApps.

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Aravind Putrevu

Aravind Putrevu is passionate about evangelising technology, meeting developers and helping in solving their problems. He is a backend developer and has seven years of development experience.

Currently he works at Elastic as Developer Advocate and looks after the Developer Relation function of India. Previously, He worked at McAfee Antivirus as a Sr. Software Engineer in Cloud Security Domain. He has deep interest in Search, Machine Learning, Security Incident Analysis and IoT tech. In his free time, he plays around Raspi or a Arduino.

Talk - Faster Go apps with open source APM

Slow applications are no fun. Application performance monitoring (APM) makes tracking down issues problems much easier. But which tools should you use?

With the release of Elastic APM, there’s a new option. Language server and Go client is fully open source so you can get started with any app.

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Gaurav Agarwal

Gaurav Agarwal is a software engineer, trainer, consultant and speaker. He runs a consulting & training firm. He is building one product at a time and working with multiple languages at the same time. He is a co-organizer of Golang India - remote study group and Chennai Go Meetup. Apart from Go - he enjoys traveling, reading, exercising and trekking.

Talk - An investigative walk-through of Go's channels

Have you ever wondered how Go’s channels work internally? Does the answer to make(chan int, 1) != make(chan int) keeps you up at night? If you would like to see behind the curtain then this talk is for you?

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Jyotsna Gupta

Jyotsna Gupta is an Open Source Enthusiast, working as a Software Developer in CoffeeBeans Consulting LLP, Bangalore, India. She has gained interest and experience on Go while working on a recommendation engine at her current employer. She is a coder by profession and a Shuttler by passion. She has also been involved with Mozilla Community since 2015 and she volunteers to Mozilla in her free time as an Add-on Content Reviewer & Mozilla Representative (previously, a two-time Add-ons Featured Advisory Board Member & Judge of the worldwide contest 'Firefox Quantum Extension Challenge'). She is also a Firefox Add-ons Mentor and has published a privacy-themed add-on PrivateX. As an active contributor, her name is also listed in about:credits and the credits page of every browser ever shipped by Mozilla. She energizes herself by playing Badminton, TT, Carrom, Chess, and Basketball. She loves to eat fruits, bad at partying, Xanthophile, Minion-maniac, shoeaholic, neat-freak, Scorpio, prefers to spend most of the time in her room, else she feels to travel the world. If you don’t see her doing any of the above, then you’ll find probably find her sleeping and dreaming for hours, maybe days?

Talk - RESTful API Development using Go

This talk will give an overview of RESTful API development in Go. The talk will cover securing API end points, storage using Redis/MongoDB, and writing unit tests for HTTP handlers. This talk also go through some best practices for API development in Go. Few suggestions for deployment.

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Karan Misra

Karan Misra is the CTO (and co-founder) of the Bangalore based eSports startup SoStronk. He has been in love with programming since he got his hands on his (read: his father’s) first computer and has never looked back ever since. He rediscovered programming when he came across the awesome Go Tutorial and feel in love with the language. Since then, he has been busy building his startup. He created the popular Go IoT framework, helped co-organise the first iteration of GopherConIndia and runs the Golang Bangalore meetup group. In his spare time, he enjoys talking about Go and a game of squash/Diablo 3/CSGO!

Talk - Internet of Toys?

A recent life change (yay, I became a Dad!) prompted me to want to apply my previous experience building bots ( to building something to keep my toddler busy and engaged. Toys are Things TM. A RPi powered Kubernetes enabled “written in Go” Toy, to be exact.

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Karthic Rao

Karthic Rao is an entrepreneur, developer, musician, blogger and a passionate learner. With his significant core contributions to Caddy (Nginx alternative written in Go) and Minio (Amazon S3 alternative written in Go) Karthic's primary tech expertise revolves around building high performance and cost effective infrastructure + analytical tools and pipelines. His expertise stems from his experience of working with startups across Silicon valley in the west to Singapore in the east. When not at work he might be found performing with Piano / Boxing / Trekking / on Motorcycle trips.

Talk - Gopher in Infraland

Golang is favoured and well accepted for building infrastructure tools. Kubernetes, Docker, CockraochDB, Minio, Prometheus….The list of infrastructure tools and technologies which are built using Go at its core just doesn’t end. The talk reflects upon list of major infrastructure projects which are built using Go and investigate the reasons behind gaining popularity for using Go to build highly scalable infra tools.

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Matt Aimonetti

Originally a sound engineer, Matt Aimonetti became an internationally known software developer, technical writer and open source contributor. As CTO and Co-Founder of Splice, he found a way to mix his passions: software, music and entrepreneurship. Matt is based in Santa Monica, CA where he likes building robots with his daughter, playing with sound gear with his son and enjoying a good meal with his wife.

Talk - Opening Keynote

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Maya Rosecrance

Maya is a Senior Software Engineer at Pivotal Cloud Foundry, where she uses agile practices and golang to build parts of the Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry. She’s currently on the Garden team which handles creating and managing the containers that underpin all the apps run by the platform. Prior to Pivotal Cloudfoundry, Maya worked as a consultant on a variety of projects from health care apps to clean energy calculators.

Talk - The garbage collector

We’ll go through a high level overview of how the golang garbage collector works. We’ll also touch on the one knob we have to tweak, the garbage collector GCPercent and when it might make sense to do so.

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Mofizur Rahman

Mofizur Rahman is a Developer Advocate at IBM. His area of interests include container orchestration, micro services and blockchain. His favorite programming language these days is Go. He also tinkers with Node, Python and Java. He is also learning and teaching in the Go, Kubernetes and Hyperledger Fabric community. He is a strong believer of the power open source and importance of giving back to the community. He is a self proclaimed sticker collecting addict and has collected several box full of stickers with no signs of stopping. He dabbles in photography sometimes. He can be found on twitter @moficodes. He writes tech blogs at NYCDEV medium page which can be found on

Talk - Go Gotchas and Dealing with them "Like a BOSS"

Go is a lot of fun. But it can sometimes be confusing to learn too. Specially for people coming from different languages, some things in go may look like gotchas. This is normal. In this talk we will take a look at some of these gotchas, and learn how to deal with them like a BOSS.

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Piyush Verma

Piyush Verma heads Site Reliability Engineering at In past life He created, among other things. He is an active open source contributor and transmits jokes over UDP.

Talk - My TLS exchange was broken, and probably yours too

So you have a cross-server-talk and you secured it with TLS. Can your server tell that one of the Certs was revoked? Can it tell that a cert has expired? The talk covers the journey of TLS, how languages (even Go) fail or refuse to do this for you. And how do we go about addressing this?

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Rajeev Bharshetty

Rajeev Bharshetty is a Passionate Polyglot Programmer and a theoretical Computer Science Nerd. He is currently interested and focused on Distributed Systems, Security and Data. He is working on building reliability at scale on 300+ Micro-services at GO-JEK.

Talk - Production Ready Microservices at Scale

Writing Microservices which can withstand the unpredictable nature of the production environment at scale is a non-trivial task. Certain practices can help make our systems more predictable, transparent and resilient. For developers this means more confident and continuous deployments.

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William Kennedy

William Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Studio in Miami, Florida, a mobile, web, and systems development company. He is also a co-author of the book Go in Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net, and a founding member of GoBridge which is working to increase Go adoption through diversity. He spoke at GopherConIndia 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Talk - Opening keynote